What type of vendors can apply?
You must be an independent business/boutique/designer. We love boutiques, jewelry designers, fashion brands, calligraphers, stationery, beauty businesses, candles, handbags, furniture, home goods and anything else that is totally awesome and totally fun! We do not currently accept any direct sales to be vendors, direct sales may participate in Girl Tribe Pop Ups via card or product drop in our VIP bags.
What is the application process?
Girl Tribe Pop Up announces the next pop up – then it is on! Applications open for a window of time (refer to current application for time frame). There is a $10 non-refundable application fee (does not go toward the price of your booth if you are accepted), applications that are not paid will not be considered. We love applications with a lot of details, product pictures and links!  Applications are required for every Girl Tribe Pop Up (new and returning vendors). Space is limited and vendors are not always guaranteed a booth or size booth of their choice.  Vendor booth payments are non-refundable and non-transferrable after 24 hours of payment.
How will I know if you received my application?
You will receive confirmation of your application via email and a receipt for the application fee (from paypal) within 24 hours.  If you do not receive a confirmation email within 24 hours, we did not get your application, please send it again!
How are vendors chosen?
Our team reviews every single application and it is a juried process. We love seeing new businesses and new vendors. Make sure to add product images, Instagram handles and websites to make sure we can see what you do and what makes your brand special!
How long before I know if I'm accepted?
After submitting your application, please sit tight! We will not review any applications while the application window is still open (refer to current application for this time frame). Once the application window has closed, we review applications as quickly as we can! Please be patient – we’ll send you an email with acceptance or waitlist notification as soon as possible.
Bummer…I am on the waitlist. What now?
Seriously NO worries – we have drop outs and we have met some of our favorite vendors from the waitlist. Just keep checking back and we can let you know if anything came up!
You made it into Girl Tribe Pop Up! Awesome! Now what?
The same week you are accepted into Girl Tribe Pop Up, you are invoiced for your booth fees (which vary with every pop up and size of your space) and you will receive a vendor agreement that must be signed and returned (electronic signature return via email is totally cool). This invoice must be paid and vendor agreement signed and returned by the due date or your space is given to the next in line in your category.

As a vendor, we require that you post about Girl Tribe Pop Up several times leading up to the event, that you are a team player and that you love what you do!  Vendors must plan to be at their booth for the entire event and are expected to clean up after themselves.

How does Girl Tribe Pop Up promote?
We do everything in our power to make sure the right customer is there for you! We promote heavily for the 6-8 weeks leading up to the event! Search the hashtag #girltribepopup and you can see images and promotions from past events! Any other questions? Email us at!
Can I share a booth?
At this time we do not allow booth sharing.

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