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Welcome to Shop Girl Tribe Pop Up!


Shop Girl Tribe Pop Up is our *new* version of Girl Tribe Pop Up (like, Girl Tribe Pop Up 2.0), while we can’t host our in-person events (at least not like we all know and love them)! We have a few opportunities to participate in so please read the following carefully. 

    • Shop Girl Tribe Pop Up Loft: An immersive shopping experience, with the same fun & energetic vibe you’d find at a Girl Tribe Pop Up but in a much smaller (safer) format. We’re taking over the space above our brick and mortar – Girl Tribe Co. on Camden Rd and turning it into a fully shoppable Girl Tribe Pop Up Store!! Yes! You heard that right! An opportunity for an in-person shopping experience! The Loft is open to the public from September 26th – December 23rd.*
    • Shop Girl Tribe Pop Up Online: Our new way to shop small, from the comfort of your own home. We carefully curated a selection of over 70 vendors for you to shop directly from, just like Girl Tribe Pop Up but all completely online!  
  • Shop Girl Tribe Pop Up Live: A completely virtual, live pop-up shopping experience including all your favorite Girl Tribe Pop Up vendors! Sarah & Carrie are going back on camera to live sell you products from our Girl Tribe Pop Up vendors! You can purchase products from the live sale (like QVC?), or directly from We’ll also have other fun content and live videos! In true Girl Tribe Pop Up fashion, it’ll be one super fun weekend full of magic!


Option1: Online Only 

If you choose this option, you will have the opportunity to upload 10 products to for three months total. Once you upload your products, Girl Tribe Co. handles all of the marketing and customer service of the website. If an order is placed, you are fully responsible for shipping the product sold to the customer in a timely manner. To participate in Shop Girl Tribe Pop Up Online, it is $75 total and Girl Tribe Co. will take a 35% commission from every sale made. 

Option 2: Online + Loft 

Includes participation in Shop Girl Tribe Pop Up Online (10 products listed on our e-commerce website) and participation in our in-person retail store, above our current brick and mortar store! 10 products must be the same, but would be available for purchase both online and in-store! The Girl Tribe Co. team will fully manage and operate the store. This option is a three month commitment for $225 and Girl Tribe Co. will take a 30% commission for every sale made (online or in-store).

Option 3: Online + Live (3 Day Event)

Did you catch our Girl Tribe Pop-A-Thon back in March? Well, we’re doing it again but…more magical! This option includes the opportunity to list 10 of your products on our e-commerce website, for three months and also allows you to participate in our live sale. Carrie & Sarah will highlight your top three products (determined by you) in your own live featured segment and will sell your products (QVC style) to our Facebook Community of 25k+ members! This option is $200 and Girl Tribe Co. will take a 30% commission for every sale made (online or during the Live sale).

Option 4: Live Only (3 Day Event)

This option is for the smallest commitment – one weekend only, 10 products listed online from Friday-Sunday, and your top three (picked by you) will be live sold during your featured segment by Carrie & Sarah!  To participate is the Live only, it is $175 and Girl Tribe Co. will take a 30% commission for every sale made.

Option 5: Online + Loft + Live 

This option is the best value! We’ve packaged up all three options for one amazing price, and the lowest commission rate – $325 total and Girl Tribe Co. will take 20% of every sale made. 




    Please read over the options carefully. For an explanation of each option, please read the above information.
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