What kind of vendors can apply?

You must be an independent business/boutique/designer. We love boutiques, jewelry designers, fashion brands, calligraphers, stationery, beauty businesses, candle makers, handbags, furniture, home goods and anything else that is totally awesome and totally fun! We do not currently accept any direct sales brands, but direct sales may participate in Girl Tribe Pop Ups via card or product drop in our VIP bags.

do I have to live in Charlotte to participate?

No, our goal is to encourage shoppers to support independent, women-owned businesses no matter where they’re from!

What is the application process?

Girl Tribe Pop Up announces the next pop up – then it is on! Applications open for one week with a $10 non-refundable application fee (does not go toward the price of your booth if you are accepted). We love full applications with details, product pictures and links!  Applications are required for every unique Girl Tribe Pop Up. Space is limited and vendors are not always guaranteed the size space of their choice.  Booth payments are non-refundable and non-transferrable after 24 hours of payment.

What are the booth sizes and how much do they cost?

Booth sizes and fees vary with each individual Girl Tribe Pop Up. Please refer to the current application for booth sizes and fees.

How are vendors chosen?

Our team at Girl Tribe Pop Up reviews every single application. We love seeing new businesses and new vendors. Make sure to add product images, Instagram handles and websites to make sure we can see what you do and what makes your brand special!

Bummer…I am on the waitlist. What now?

Seriously NO worries – we have drop outs and we have met some of our favorite vendors off of the waitlist. Just keep checking back and we can let you know if anything came up!

You made it into Girl Tribe Pop Up! Awesome! Now what?

The same day you are accepted into Girl Tribe Pop Up, you are invoiced via quickbooks for your booth fees (which vary with every pop up and size of your space). This invoice must be paid by the due date or your space is given to the next in line in your category.

As a vendor, we require that you post about Girl Tribe Pop Up several times leading up to the event, that you are a team player and that you love what you do!  Vendors must plan to be at their booth for the entire event and are expected to clean up after themselves.

can i pack up early?

Brands should not pack up before the end of the Pop Up. If there is a pressing concern, or emergency, please inform us before packing up. If there is no valid reason, this will affect your involvement in the future.

What do I need to bring?

A well thought out booth with necessary tables, racks, and display pieces. Get creative! Bring shelving, a rug, and fun pieces to decorate and make your booth exciting and inviting! Also remember to bring waters, snacks, chargers, and email signup sheets.

Is electricity provided?

Electricity is always an add-on fee and cannot be guarenteed. If you are granted access to a plug, please be mindful of what you plug in (no space heaters allowed).

How will i know where my space is located?

About two to three weeks from the big day, you will recieve a layout of the space with your booth space and number. Day of, when you arrive, all booth spaces will be taped out with your name and booth number – if you need help, just find a Girl Tribe employee to assist you!

is it safe to leave my merchandise and equipment overnight?

Yes, the building is secure and safe. However, please note that Girl Tribe is not liable for lost or stolen items.

How does Girl Tribe Pop Up promote?

We do everything in our power to make sure the right customer is there for you! We promote heavily for the 6-8 weeks leading up to the event! Search the hashtag #girltribepopup and you can see images and promotions from past events! Any other questions? Email us at!

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