We were so lucky to have J. Ervan at our first Greenville event in 2016 and have loved following her easy and elegant line ever since! Read on to hear about what she has been up to since and where she plans on taking her jewelry line! Catch Carolyn, the owner at Girl Tribe Pop Up – Charlotte during our three day event April 20-22!
1. When did you open J.Ervan Jewelry?
I started J. Ervan Jewelry after my first son, James Ervan, was born.  At the time I had a corporate job, but wanted something more flexible, and had had the entrepreneurial bug for years…  I knew I needed something that would also be a creative outlet, but had no idea what!  I used to sit and study decorating books and magazine for hours just looking at how all the colors and patterns fit together.  I started making jewelry on a whim and just loved the process of having a vision and then seeing it completed as a tangible thing.
2. Your site says you do not have a “creative” education, tell us how you think your finance background has helped you?
 I think the finance background really helps balance the creative side with the planning and organizational skills needed to run a business.  I love strategy and am incredibly analytical, and I think that helps me to really think about what I’m doing in terms of a business and not just a hobby.  I’m always planning the next steps and figuring out what I have to do to get there.
3. What do you love about Girl Tribe Pop Up?
Oh my gosh such a fun and amazing idea!  It is such a fun way to get people together and also to meet other female business owners!  I definitely struggle with the work/life balance on a daily basis and doing what I do with kids, but meeting and being around other women who are doing the same thing is so inspiring and uplifting.
4. In 3 words, what is your aesthetic?
understated, chic, inspired
5. What is your out of this world goal for your line?
So, I am going to market with JEJ for the first time later this year and would love for it to one day be a national brand!  My dad always told me growing up that I could do anything I wanted to do, and I believed that, and want to be that kind of example for my children.  I would love for this to eventually be something that they can participate in as much as they want to, and for it to provide experiences for them that they would not have otherwise had.  And I would LOVE to eventually have a space in Greenville where I can employ other women and create a fun work environment, the same way Girl Tribe has! 🙂