1. How did Birch Fine Tea start? What was your motivation?
BFT: Raised in a Ukrainian household tea has always brought the family together, our culture rooted us into tea. We’ve always dreamed of opening a local tea shop in order to educate and promote wellness through this ancient beverage which is celebrated abroad. It wasn’t until Alena was facing critical health issues which prompted us to make this dream into a reality quickly. We are motivated by our customers. Whether it’s that they’ve found a great caffeine alternative or no longer have digestive issues! Their testimonies keep us going!

2. How do you split duties 50/50?
BFT: We are sisters, so splitting duties 50/50 was nothing new for us. Teamwork, is very important! So no matter what, we have each other’s back.

3. What do you love about doing Girl Tribe Pop Up?

BFT: We love Girl Tribe Events because we are able to have a great time with the community. The atmosphere is SO positive and we love knowing the fact that so many women started their own businesses. Entrepreneurial life is difficult and the fact that so many women are able to do so in our community, amongst having their own families and careers and we find that inspiring!


4. What is the most challenging thing about starting a business from scratch?
BFT: The most challenging thing about starting our company from scratch was the unknown. We really had to figure out what would work not only for us but for the consumer. I would say it was a lot of trial and error, but that’s what learning and evolving is all about!

5. What advice would you give yourselves during that first year that you started your business?
BFT: The advice we would give ourselves during the first year of our launch would be, don’t take yourself too seriously. We will have our failures, but it’s all about staying FOCUSED and not letting the losses keep you from new gains!
Kristina & Alen #girltribeco 🍵