1. How did Raven + Riley start? 
RR: We were living out in Denver, Colorado and I was working a corporate job. I was never good at drawing or painting but needed a creative outlet so I started making jewelry. I wanted to incorporate my passion for Colorado into my jewelry, so I decided to source each leather hide from Colorado. As for making R&R a business, I have to give a shoutout to my husband. I never thought of myself as an entrepreneur but he has it in his blood. He encouraged me to believe in myself and has been beside me at every show and pop up, my number one fan.

2. When did you take the biz full time?
Biggest. Decision. Of my life. I decided to take R&R full time last year after we moved to NC. After over 2 years of constant multitasking and never having enough minutes in the day, I knew R&R was at a point where I needed to give it everything. So I did and haven’t regretted it a day since.


3. What do you love about doing Girl Tribe Pop Up?
SO MANY THINGS. Being new to Charlotte, Girl Tribe introduced me to a community of other artisans, business owners, and girl bosses going through the same feelings and challenges that I was experiencing. Girl Tribe is so much more than an opportunity to reach new customers, it truly feels like a TRIBE of women supporting women and made me feel present in the community.


4. We love that you are also in our store in southend, but you are also on ‪FreePeople.com‬ which is awesome! What’s the biggest challenge about filling orders for large brands like FP?
Lets just say I had to get used to no nail polish! I still pinch myself every time I see my jewels on FP and it is THAT feeling that helps me push through the long nights making jewelry to fulfill their orders. It may come as a surprise, but Free People is super supportive of craftsmanship and artisans who make their own jewelry by hand. They take that into consideration when placing orders with me. #girltribeco